European Union Law

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Thanks to EU subsidies, Poland has a chance to achieve a high economic growth. Also, you as an entrepreneurs, municipalities, schools, NGOs, etc. have the opportunity to take advantage of EU grants and receive support to develop your own business, to participate in training or implementation of your own ideas in the field of culture or social life. Access to funds is essential in the context of setting up a company or expanding its operations. The European Union provides funding for small businesses in a various forms - of grants, loans and in some cases – of the warranty. The European Union is funding specific projects (direct funding - in the form of grants and indirect funding - through national and local intermediaries). The Law Firm’s offer in this area is addressed to companies and other entities as beneficiaries, but also to all entities (including local government units, training and consulting firms, institutions acts for the development of entrepreneurship) involved in the transfer of above mentioned funds to beneficiaries and includes, among others, the following activities:

  • providing legal advice at the stage of seeking resources and funds from the European Union
  • providing legal advice at the stage of the implementation of any subsidised projects
  • providing legal advice at the stage of making settlements in respect of any subsidised projects
  • providing legal assistance during any project audit carried out by an authorised institution