Labour and Social Insurance Law

Oferta kancelarii

The Law Firm specialises in providing legal advice to employers in the area of labour law and social insurance law, starting from providing assistance in the selection of the most advantageous form of employment, through assistance in managing day-to-day matters associated with employing staff, changing the employment structure, up to terminating any executed contracts and agreements. In this area the Law Firm’s offering includes:

  • drafting and issuing opinions on rules, regulations and by-laws (e.g. work regulations, remuneration rules, company social benefits fund rules, training regulations) and other internal documents falling within the scope of labour and social insurance law
  • providing legal advice on matters relating to the engagement of employees, starting from the establishment of the employment relationship, through making amendments to the terms and conditions of employment, up to the termination of the employment relationship
  • providing assistance in the selection of the most appropriate form of employment
  • developing employees’ documentation, such as: employment contracts, non-competition agreements, contracts for management board members and senior management staff, including management contracts, statements to terminate the employment relationship with or without observing the period of notice
  • participating in negotiations with employees, trade unions and other employees’ representatives
  • preparing documentation necessary for the employers to carry out the employment restructuring process, including group lay-off procedures, individual lay-offs, the transfer of a work establishment to another employer
  • carrying out audits to check the correctness of the employees’ documentations, with special focus on employees’ working time, terms and conditions of remuneration applicable to employees, for example, in the context of equal treatment, etc.
  • providing legal assistance during inspections carried out by the National Labour Inspectorate (Państwowa Inspekcja Pracy)
  • representing employers in lawsuits involving employees, in mediation, etc.